How to fix Insufficient Storage Available on android mobiles

“Insufficient Storage Available” error message is common error message for android mobiles. If you have small working area this message will appear continuously. When your storage space runs out, you will no longer be able to install new apps from the Google Play Store or from any ware, and even unable send and receive message and also to take pictures or videos. And sometimes, some of your apps will no longer open, and also your mobile will often stop working or slow down.

   If you save large size apps too many apps photos, songs and documents and you do not need them anymore, but they take most of your storage area without any use. So your first action must be search any unnecessary and large files in your cell phone and delete them. This is useful for some days, after weeks it will come back again.

So what can we do?

   1. Delete cached data from device

Cached data is file, images and scripts from website or apps automatically stored on our device when we browsing internet or opening apps, to make browsing or opening process faster by minimizing loading time. so this cached data will take storage space.

We can delete the cached data in two ways.

  • deleting the cache from every app deleting the cache all together
    1. Go to setting
    2. then go to Aps/Applications or Applications manager
    3. All installed apps on your Android device will be listed with their size
    4. If you want to sort apps based on their size Tap on Menu or More 
    5. Then Tap on the app you want to clear the cache.
    6. Tap Clear Cache to clear cache.
    7. Repeat this process for each app.
  • delete cache all together
    1.  Go to setting
    2. tap on storage
    3.  tap on cached data option
    4. Then you will see cached data, tap on it to clear.

2. Transfer files /Photos/Videos from Android to external SD card

To fix the problem of Android device is having insufficient storage available error; one of the best solutions is to move your files such as, photos, documents, videos, audios, and etc…to SD card.

3. Transfer files/photos/videos to computer

We can transfer to computer by using USB cable and third-party tools like: MiniToo, AirDroid, Pushbullet, Feem, Resilio sync, Cloud storage.

4. Upload to files and documents to Google drive

If you have no computer or have no free space on computer uploading files to Google drive is the best option.

5. Change the default storage from internal to SD card/external

If your default storage location is on internal storage you have to change your default to external SD card. Or you can set your photo and video storage place to external SD card, because photo and video takes more space.

To change default storage area

    1. Go to setting
    2. Then tap on storage
    3. Then tap on change default and choose SD card.

6. Uninstall unwanted application

Uninstall large size application will save more space on your mobile. application s like Facebook messenger,  WhatsApp,  Instagram will take more of your space, if you don’t use them uninstall them.

7. Reset your mobile phone

Lastly resetting can fix

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Then go to System 
    3. Tap on Reset or Backup & reset.(backup your files firstly because all the data will be erased)
    4. Tap on Factory data reset and Reset phone. Then tap on Erase everything.


    1.  Turn off your phone
    2. Press the volume up button and power button together until you see logo of mobile
    3. then tap on wipe data/factory reset (to go up and down use volume up and down  buttons and to select use power button)
    4.  select yes by using power button. After completed wiping data and caches you can reboot and use the phone.

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