How to fix HP LaserJet Pro 400 printing blank pages.

We use genuine toner cartridge and also change it many times, restart the computer and printer uninstall and reinstall printer driver but still our printer prints blank page.

What is the solution?

 1. Insert cartridge correctly

To fix HP printer printing blank pages, double-check that the toner cartridge in the printer is correctly installed, and make sure the protective tape is removed from the toner or ink cartridge.

2. use genuine toner cartridge

Use compatible and genuine toner cartridge. If you do not use genuine HP cartridges, refilled cartridges may not be supported by hp printers, so try to use genuine and products of hp.

 3. cheek ink level

Using cartridge with empty ink is common problem. If your cartridge has no ink, the printer will print out blank paper. Most of HP printers will notify the status of cartridge ink level, replacing or refilling hp ink products may resolve the problem.

4 cheek the two wires are up and connected to cartridge

    1. firstly turn off the printer and Open the cartridge door  by pressing the opening button indicated in the picture pointed in red colored arrow
    2. After opening the printer, pull out toner cartridge
    3. Pull up the two wires inside the printer indicated in red color (this to wires must connect to the metals that I have circled in red color on toner cartridge.)








   4. Insert the toner cartridge back to the printer safely and close the toner cartridge door.

I hope you get the solution, if not please contact the manufacturer.


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